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Tips in Job Searching


Thought it was time to dig deep with a post about the economy…again. I know you’re stressed, or at least have some anxiety about the future of the US economy. In my neighborhood, Oregon and Washington have some of the highest unemployment rates in 25 years!


Here’s the catch. There are still jobs. There are still employers looking for help. There’s no way the world would survive without some form of cash flow. The difference between you and the rest, or you and the best, are the methods they use to market to the right person. This is tricky, but I have to keep this positive thought in my head to avoid depression.


Here are some tips that I picked up in a little research that pertain to all job seekers from Careerbuilder.com:

·         Include a career summary at the top of your resume:

o   It’s important to catch the employer’s attention immediately. Listing this at the top will give managers an immediate snapshot of your skills and accomplishments.

·         Keep it up to date:

o   Always have a recent and up-to-date resume on hand. Update your resume when you accomplish something significant.

·         Use key phrases: With focus, you’ll say those words that trigger a light bulb for employers. Tracking systems are used to eliminate those resumes without important key phrases.

o   Here are some from Sweet Careers you may find useful:

§  Examined issues of age, ethnicity, and gender in relation to communication.

§  Developed communication portfolio for St. Mary’s Hospital in collaboration with three other students.

§  Wrote several university press releases, including news of $2.5 million gift.

·         Use a functional resume:

o   List experiences that can be utilized in multiple work environments. This shows proficiency in multiple categories.

·         Include all experience:

o   It’s important to get to the point in your resume while listing what’s most important. Find the best ways to explain the most pertinent information in an appealing light.


You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Take the time to buckle down and make a job out of finding a job. It’s not like is used to be because instead of competing with a few others, you’re competing with hundreds.

Captivating Painter

This weekend was a time for households throughout the nations to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. As I was preparing to leave Portland for Easter weekend I turned on CBN at the perfect time. Performance painter David Garibaldi prepared to captivate his audience with entertaining artistry.




His art is all about rhythm, color, culture, energy and while watching him paint, the audience experiences all four aspects. In 2003, Garibaldi began to turn his illustrations into canvas paintings and showcase his performance live at urban jazz sessions, nightclubs, and hip hop events for direct influence by the music.


“In the studio I can create images that tell an inspirational story, but when I paint on stage, I can be an inspirational story,” says Garibaldi.


His inspiration grabbed my attention at this time of celebration. The energy is worth the experience.

Growing Network

Facebook for Good

Remember your first experience on Facebook? My first log-in was in a college dorm at University of Oregon where a group of friends told me how important this social networking tool was because of its ability to connect you to friends, view photos, meet people, and join campus groups. Now, as a fifth year member, I can congratulate Facebook for reaching 200 million members.

“We will welcome our 200 millionth user to Facebook sometime today,” wrote Zuckerberg, who’s just over a month away from his 25th birthday. “Growing rapidly to 200 million users is a really good start, but we’ve always known that in order for Facebook to help people represent everything that is happening in their world, everyone needs to have a voice.”

When I joined, the primary target was college students. Now, Facebook has expanded to members of all ages, backgrounds and personalities. Some members were hesitant for this change, but apparently it proves to work for Facebook now that its member total reached the 200 million mark. Like any other business though, the company goal is continued growth for the future.

Want to tell your story to other Facebook members? Visit the Facebook for Good page created for members to share their experiences with the tool.

Enter this communication realm today!

Boeing 737-400 Alaska Airlines "We're Going to Disneyland !" Theme Jet taking off from 10L at PDX by F18E777.Sure, the economy stinks at the moment. Businesses are failing, banks have stopped lending to at risk clients, credit companies are in crisis mode, etc.  People still need to live, right?


Living for me includes traveling. I’ve really had a travel bug since moving to Portland as working two jobs has limited my free time. There are places in the world that need to be experienced and I wish I had time for them all.


While this travel itch has needed a scratch, I read about Alaska Airlines moving up in a 2008 quality survey. I haven’t heard positive news in the airline industry in a while, so congrats!


Alaska Airlines moved up to fifth place from seventh in a national survey of U.S. airline quality. The areas they improved are on-time performance, customer complaints, mishandled baggage rate, and passenger bumpings.


 Alaska Airlines is committed to caring for its customers, its communities, the environment, and their team.  For over 75 years, Alaska Airlines keeps its focus on corporate values like integrity, professionalism, caring, resourcefulness and spirit.  


Improvement is always key at a time of hardship. Guess I’ll be looking at flights through them in the future. Roundtrip vacation to Daytona Beach, Fl. in June is only 600 dollars. Let’s go!

Here Comes the Sun!

Sun Catcher by ecstaticist.

When the warm weather comes to Oregon, I am in a better mood. I love the fresh smell, the outdoor activities, and the mood the nice weather puts most people in.

The great places in downtown Portland, Ore. I visit when the sun comes out include:


Washington Park: Features the international rose test garden with over 6,800 rose bushes in 557 varieties, tennis courts, nice outdoor amphitheater, picnic tables, views of downtown Portland and great area for pets and high-active games. This park is also located near the Japanese Gardens featuring five gardens in-tune with nature.


Waterfront Part: Features a boat dock, beautiful views of the Willamette River, boardwalk, fountains, biking, large grass areas for outdoor sports and visitor attractions.


Tea and Coffee:

Tea Chai Te: A quiet location to enjoy over 100 varieties of tea from SCRATCH! Located conveniently on 23rd street, you can take your tea to go and enjoy fun window shopping or stay on the deck to soak in the sun.



Portland Saturday Market: Centered in Portland’s historic Old Town, the market is a unique opportunity for customers to meet artists and shop at over 250 booths. What’s really fun is the live music and eclectic food.


Portland Farmers Market: A location to buy healthy, local food with music and top chefs.


As you can see, there are many places to explore as the sun comes out. I’m new to Portland though so these are just a few of my discoveries. If you have more suggestions, feel free to comment and let me know what to try!


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